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Task - Task Prepare a report(Microsoft Word file with title...

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Task: Prepare a report (Microsoft Word file with title page, table of contents, references to sources of information (books/pages, internet links, etc.), appendices (if needed), single space, Times New Roman, 12 pts., approximate size - 10 pages) suggesting which Accounting/ERP software is best to use in Kazakhstan. Your suggestions should include different categories of companies (SMEs, big companies), consideration of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) (price, support, updates, localization costs, expenses on trainings), convenience of use, availability of localized versions, study time, etc. and comparison of at least 3 popular products: 1C: Enterprise 7.7/8.1/8.2, Microsoft Dynamics AX (Axapta)/ GP (Great Plains)/ NAV (Navision), Oracle, SAP, QuickBooks, Peachtree Accounting, Galactica, or other. NOTE: Data, which is not specified directly in the requirements (addresses, telephones, TRNs, bank accounts, transaction amounts, etc.) must be entered by the student. Requirement Comments 1. Update accounting configuration from release to release, decrease size of information DB file, and import external printable forms in Kazakh language (8%) You MUST do you homework in 1C: Enterprise 8.2 - configuration Accounting for Kazakhstan, release You are NOT allowed to do your homework in a completed and updated class database (with most of directories filled in) - you MUST start from an empty configuration, release and upgrade it to release, otherwise your grade will be decreased! Before you start filling initial data, update initial accounting configuration from release to release NOTE: If your accounting database file (configuration) already has some data filled in (entries in directories, documents and transactions), ALWAYS create an archive copy of such configuration which you are going to update or change in configuration mode BEFORE updating it! Import additional external printable forms in in Kazakh language; replace default printable forms for Cash Receipt Order and Cash Expenses Order with their equivalents in Kazakh; ensure that imported forms are displayed correctly.
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2. Fill in initial information into directories (organization's information, banks, contractors, nomenclature, Fixed/Intangible Assets, and other relevant directories) (15%) Variant A: Company's Name: Mega Burger (a newly created company which is engaged in: production and sale of fast food products (burgers, pizzas, kebabs, grill, salads etc.), trade (sells Heinz sauces, ice cream, juices, soft drinks, etc. of other companies) and rendering services to public (specializes in catering for parties). Date of registration: July 14, 2011 Company is located in Almaty Legal form: Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Organization's Bank: Kaspi Bank Common for A and B: Fill in all company's requisites (directory Organizations) Fill in information related to company's accounting policy for book-keeping, tax and HR accounting.
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