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Discussion 11-8-11 Answers - Discussion 11-8-11 Functions...

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Discussion 11-8-11 Functions of water: 1. Transport medium- cells, nutrients, O 2 , CO 2 , metabolic waste 2. Lubrication – saliva, tears, synovial fluid 3. Temperature regulation – homeostasis 4. Constriction/ dilation of capillaries- dissipate heat or retain it 5. Perspiration – allows us to dissipate heat to cool us down Fluid Balance: True or false: Thirst is the ideal sensor for dehydration. False, not always reliable when you are sick, elderly people have weaker sense or thirst, changes during hot weather. True or false: water is in its most basic form and does not require any digestion. True. Briefly describe what osmosis is and its importance in fluid regulation in the body. Provide a diagram or picture to explain your answer. It is the movement of water from an area of low salt concentration to an area of high solute concentration through a membrane. It is important in regulating the osmotic pressure/ force in the body. What solutes in the aqueous solution both in and outside of the cell influence osmosis? Electrolytes (Sodium, Potassium, Chloride), protein How do we excrete water? 1. Kidney (Urine) 2. GI tract (Feces) 3. Skin (Sweat) 4. Insensible losses (Drying of skin, moisture lost through breathing) Approximately 2-3 liters of water is lost daily and can change based on activity, temperature, and humidity. Oral rehydration therapy is the act of providing water and electrolytes to reverse dehydration. True or false. There are no differences in water loss when exercising at higher temperatures or normal temperatures. False. You can lose as much as 1-3 liters per hour and you can only absorb about 1 liter per hour making exercise at higher temperatures very dangerous. What issue may arise when you are extremely dehydrated, sweat rate declines, body temperature rises to dangerous levels, and you have low concentrations of electrolytes. Heat Stroke. May lead to kidney failure, cardiac arrhythmia. Why are sport drinks, such as Gatorade and Powerade, beneficial to drink during exercise.
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Discussion 11-8-11 Answers - Discussion 11-8-11 Functions...

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