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Discussion questions 11-1-11-1 - [DISCUSSION 6 PRACTICE]...

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[ DISCUSSION 6 PRACTICE ] November 2, 2010 1 1. A long-term health consequence of anorexia nervosa could be: A. fractures resulting in bone loss. B. atherosclerotic heart disease. C. infertility. D. cancer. 2. Food choices commonly consumed during binges include: A. fresh fruits and vegetables. B. T-bone steaks. C. pizza. D. convenience foods such as cakes, cookies, and pies. 3. Binge-eating disorder is different from anorexia nervosa and particularly bulimia nervosa because it doesn't necessarily involve: A. females. B. a persistent concern with body shape, weight, and thinness. C. purging, such as regular vomiting. D. health risks. 4. Female athlete triad is characterized by: A. compulsive bingeing. B. low bone density. C. regular menses. D. self-induced vomiting. 5. Treatment for binge-eating disorder typically includes: A. addressing deep emotional issues. B. discouraging food deprivation. C. restoration of a normal eating pattern. D. all of the above. 6. Initial treatment of bulimia nervosa includes all of the following except: A. psychotherapy to improve body image B. emphasis on regular eating habits. C. nutritional counseling D. refeeding via tube feedings
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[ DISCUSSION 6 PRACTICE ] November 2, 2010 2 7. Which of the following could be a cause of death in an anorectic person? A. infections B. suicide C. heart ailments D. B and C E. A, B, and C 8. Which of the following may be practiced by the anorectic person? A.
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Discussion questions 11-1-11-1 - [DISCUSSION 6 PRACTICE]...

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