homework.8key - BIOL 2153, Sections 1-4, Dr. Foltz,...

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BIOL 2153, Sections 1-4, Dr. Foltz, Principles of Genetics, Homework #8 answer key, page 1 A) (narrative for Questions 1-5) As you have probably noticed, grocery stores are now selling tomatoes of various colors (these colors are just polymorphism). Yellow tomatoes, are highly valued for the color that they add to salads and therefore can be sold for higher prices. However, farmers must wait until the fruit ripens to identify which color the fruits on a particular plant will exhibit. A group of farmers asks you (a geneticist) to figure out a way to genetically identify yellow tomatoes from other varieties. You find out that a PCR-RFLP marker may be tightly linked to the gene controlling the yellow color. You worked with some farmers, conducting some experiments (description below) and gathered the following data. One experiment involved the cross of a yellow tomato, homozygous A’/A’ for the PCR-RFLP marker with a non-yellow tomato, homozygous A/A for the PCR-RFLP marker. All F1 progeny from this cross were non-yellow and have the A’/A for the PCR-RFLP marker genotype. These newly produced F1 non-yellow tomatoes with A’/A for the PCR-RFLP genotype were crossed with homozygous recessive tomatoes with a A/A PCR-RFLP genotype, producing the following progeny (400 total). YOU CAN IGNORE QUESTIONS 1-4 FOR THE MAKEUP QUIZ<<<<<
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homework.8key - BIOL 2153, Sections 1-4, Dr. Foltz,...

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