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It depends on if I am going into the medical field but I no I am for my educational and career goals a good knowledge of what they are talking about helps with the career aspect of it. As far personally most doctors talk to patients like it is the patient knows what's he is talking about and the patient has no idea but is to embarrassed to tell the Dr. so they leave the office not knowing what is their problem because it was not explained to the patient's understanding. if more people knew medical terminology they would know what the Dr is telling them. Dr's need to understand people do not know medical terms and speak to patients in words the patient can understand. That's how it would benefit people in general. Vontyna Phillips Central Time Having even the smallest foundation in medical terminology means we
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Unformatted text preview: will be taken more seriously, and also have an easier time learning the other words later on in the course. With the career we have chosen we need to know and understand the medical terminology that is going to be in the medical records. Knowing the medical terminology will help you be more effecient at your job, and when a friend or family member asks what exactly did the doctor say we can explain it to them in a way that could be less scary. Without any knowledge of the subject at hand we will be totally lost and not excel in our career, and no one wants that after putting in the all the time and hard work and effort. Jessica Turner CST [email protected]..
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