556 - Ethanol 85 (E-85) Versus Unleaded Gasoline:...

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2005 National AAAE Research Conference – Poster Session 556 Ethanol 85 (E-85) Versus Unleaded Gasoline: Comparison of Power and Efficiency in Single Cylinder, Air-Cooled Engines Keith Warnock, Aaron Dickinson, George W. Wardlow, and Donald M Johnson University of Arkansas Introduction With a rise in fuel prices and a decreasing stock of non-renewable resources there is a need to seek alternative fuels. Ethanol 85 (E- 85) is an alternative fuel that contains 85 percent ethanol and 15 percent unleaded gasoline. A benefit of burning E-85 over gasoline is reduced emissions of carbon monoxide, total hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxides (Sheehan, et al. 2004). Ethanol- powered vehicles reduce greenhouse gases by up to 37.1 percent and lower carbon monoxide levels by 25 to 30 percent over similar gasoline vehicles (Canadian Renewable Fuels Association, 2004). Although emissions are lower, the key drawback of ethanol is reduced fuel economy (Yacobucci, 2004). In a study on automobiles on E-85 and gasoline it was found that fuel efficiency was reduced 27 percent with ethanol (Sheehan, et al. 2004). The purpose of this project was to compare the fuel consumption and power output of small gas engines using unleaded gasoline and Ethanol 85 (E-85) to determine if there was a difference in fuel efficiency or horsepower production. This was an undergraduate research project. Methodology
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556 - Ethanol 85 (E-85) Versus Unleaded Gasoline:...

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