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TRAD 104 (Classical Mythology) Essay #1 Due: 7 March 2008 Portrayal of Zeus and Jupiter According to Greek mythology Zeus was the king of the gods. He was the god of the sky and held rule over Mount Olympus. Jupiter, a god of Roman myth, held the same role as Zeus in Greek mythology. As the most important god of the Roman state it was his duty to rule over the areas of law and social order. While similar in many aspects Jupiter and Zeus differ in many ways as well. In Metamorphoses, Ovid makes Jupiter out to be an immature and foolish individual, one not deserving of the respect you would think the god of heaven to have. Hesiod’s depiction of Zeus in the Theogony , while committing many of the same flaws as Jupiter, he is a more respectable figure. A main disparity between Jupiter and Zeus is their vast differences in wisdom and cunning. In Ovid’s Metamorphoses , Jupiter rarely carries out good deeds. He lacks a great deal of wisdom, and is usually foolish in his actions. Contrary to Jupiter, Zeus is a god of wisdom,
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Class Myth Essay 1 - TRAD 104 (Classical Mythology) Essay...

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