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After carefully reviewing the information that was posted in interview data that both myself and my fellow classmates posted, I came to the conclusion that while most facilities are transitioning into using electronic filing; most small, medium, and large facilities are still using paper system as a means to file and look up a patient’s records. However, a vas t majority of large medical facilities in bigger areas are only using electronic filing as a means to store and/or look up a patient’s information, while small and medium medical facilities are based on using paper files as a means to store and/or lookup a patient’s information. I also came to the conclusion that with small and medium medical facilities from my interview that patient’s have the same unit number and is associated with a date time stamp, while with my fellow
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Unformatted text preview: classmates they noted that small medical facilities reports are associated with a patient is noted under the designated section of the PHR, medium medical facilities reports are assigned with identifiers and associated with patient id, and large medical providers reports are identified with patient unit number and associated date time stamp. In another finding while the interview information I recovered from both small, medium, and large medical facilities shows that they put all information in files while my fellow classmates interview shows that small medical facilities put all their information in the patients file as oppose to the medium and large medical facilities on are EMR and do not have need to anchor their patient’s information....
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