The Welfare Reform Act - Welfare Reform Act 1 The Welfare...

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Welfare Reform Act 1 The Welfare Reform Act University of Phoenix Claims Preparation II: Footing the Bills (AXIA) Kimberly Jacobs HCR 230 October 16, 2011 The Welfare Reform Act The Welfare Reform Act was first introduced in 1996 and it altered the way people who have received any support from the government, would then be entitled to receive welfare. In addition to the Welfare Reform Act there is the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act, which happen to bring on amazing changes on how the government support occurs. There were diverse changes that happened as this act was started like: In certain states as
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an alternative of getting a certain quantity of currency they would end up being compensated in capped grants; a time limit was given to those who received aid; there are diverse ways of preparation such as professional, services within the population, job education would also be mandatory from some if they would like to maintain these services and benefits. These types of changes were a optimistic fixation for those who received assistance. In my opinion with these changes coming forth, it is helping those who have become use to this type of assistance to look for a more wide range spectrum into assisting themselves on their own. I
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The Welfare Reform Act - Welfare Reform Act 1 The Welfare...

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