HIPPA and Information Technology

HIPPA and Information Technology - There are many...

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Unformatted text preview: There are many advantages of having a standardized database for health records. Some of those advantages are a common data set that could be depended on, a standard set of information available to any healthcare provider a patient visits, a savings in time for the health institutions that utilize the records, and the records would be more transportable for patients. Once there is a standardized medical records database there would then be a standard set of data that healthcare providers could expect to see when they look for a patients information. The ability to require certain data points would ensure that everything needed from a patient was available. This would be true no matter what doctor or hospital the patient visited or was taken to in an emergency. This way certain things like allergies would not be missed. The time saved by these providers to have the needed records would allow them to spend more time actually helping the patients. The patients would also be able to go to any doctor that they wished to or needed to, helping the patients....
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