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IMG - to any event 5 Look at the tree in the front yard...

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Name It's and lts Worksheet Directicns: Read each sentsnce carefully. Then fill in the blank r,vith'"it's'" otr "its" to correctly complete each sentence. Remember that "it's" is the contraction for "it is" and "i/s" is a pr t.t re s s ive prt)nau n. l. going to be a great day today! 2. The cat cleaned palvs after catching a mouse. 3. He said that important to read every day. 4. My aunt decided tliat necessary to be early
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Unformatted text preview: to any event 5. Look at the tree in the front yard! leaves are turning orange and redl 6. Please turn down the music. too loudl 7. The giraffe at the zoo got foad from the top Lrranches of the trees. 8. Grandpa said, " bedtime. Turn off the video gaffies and get to sleep!" 9, The stray dog fbd ptppies as oflen as she could. 10. Tlie car didn't rlrn very well since engine needed minor repairs....
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