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IMG_0001 - safelY 7 Jhe tallest Person in the room 8 I love...

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Name ' -;- Your indicates possession. Is this your pencil? Yourre is the contraction of you afe You're writing with a pencil. 1. Which one is -' brother? 2. . thr: funniest person I've ever metl 3. I got horne laLte last night and the first thing I heard was, "- , .groundedl" 4. What is name? 5. You can have all the cake you want, it's - party 6. Call me when - - - - -home
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Unformatted text preview: safelY' 7. - Jhe tallest Person in the room 8. I love - long hair. g. The race is over and - the fastest' 10. parked in the wrong spot;- car will get towed awaY I 1. If , still w-orking on project, raise your hand 12. Aur team looks good but - looks better' 13. Is that my watch that wearing or is it - ? 14. &{y parents are friends with --' parents'...
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