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Name Circle the subieet and verb in each sentence. Put "S" and "V" Here are fbLrr copies of tlre test. Next to the restaurant are a pet shop a:rd video store. Paul is concerned abaut his exam. Leroy and his slster will visit their grandparents during the summer vacation. T'he dog quickl3,'chew'ed and swallowed its fosd" Didn't yo* attend schocl last summer? Bonnie ai:d Clyde wffre fumons criminals. Susan is n*t taking Michael to ths prom.
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Unformatted text preview: Did Zachary graduate fro*r college? :r' In the clogetfreside thb sho$ is you(jacket The mayr:r r,vill not approve the budget proposal. Tliere are several reasons for the increase in sales. I should have been invited to the party. I was not invited to the party. nfitfocd tastes delicious. A large nutnber is uotQxpectecl Joe and h,{arie rever wash thek cars. WillQoulttend the wedding :rChris and Arnanda?...
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