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Name Date These three words sound the same, but they are spelt differeniiy, and mean dirferent things There - is about place. There it is! Over therei Their - is absut betonging" The children keep their books in their desks. {The books and the desks belong ta the children ) They're - is short for they are. Choose the correct homophone from the drop-down list to complete the sentence, then ciick on the "Finished" button to obtain your score out of ten.
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Unformatted text preview: 1. The kite is over 2 Jack and Jill iost o coats playing very loudly! &dum gave us a [ovely tea. the best footbatlers in the class 4. The children ate -,- .._cakes quickly. 7 'llJho left that bao ?" L Jonathon gave them books back. 9. "Please can we have some rnore sweets? *:--, -. :r"lot that expensivel" 10. " No! a waste of moneyl"...
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