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The Nervous System: Electrical Events Nerve impulse generatioq and props.gation: The events: 1. The Resting Nlembrane Potential (Polarized Mernbrane) is generated due to the difference in ionic composition on either side of the membrane. When charges are separated across a rnembrane, a potential differenee or voltage exists. There are a greater number of positive charges on the outside, leaving the inside slightly negative. This happens naturally thanks to the Na/I( pump and the selectively of the permeable membrane. Situation: inside: Na* lowr K+ high outside: Na+ high, K+ low The voltage is constant and the cell is quiet ) no messages sent. 2. Depolarization occurs when these ionic concentrations undergo a change. The changes that will disrupt the membrane's statlility are signals from sensory stimuli or from other neurons. These will cause the channels to open, the membrane permeability changes and the ions redistribute. Now the resting membrane potential will undergo a voltage change. This results in the generation of an action potential that will be propagated along the axon, This is an electrical current or is called the nerve impulse. Sequence of evenls:
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IMG_0001 - The Nervous System Electrical Events Nerve...

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