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SYNAPSE RE\TIEW Types: 1. Electrical: electrical gap junction, for example between cardiac muscle cells 2. Chemical: between neurons and between neurons and muscle cells Electrical Impulse ------| Presynaptic Knob-) Cleft ---f Post Synaptic Membrane (receptors) + ELECTRICAL SIGNALS CHEMTCAL SIGNALS ELECTRICAL SIGNALS A ]t ll ilil il{} Ca+2 enters Post synaptic channels open
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Unformatted text preview: Neurotransmitter vesisle Current flows fuses with membrane Local changes ExocltosisPostsynapticpotentials Action Potentials Termination of Neurotransmitter Substance: Degradation or Removal or Diffusion If the stimuli increase >>)>)the number of vesicles mobilized increases Synaptic Delay: rate limiting steP t?...
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