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IMG_0001 - in the cell therefore Na channels are closed and...

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u. Conduction Velocities - Rapid fio"ers: 100 m/s - Slow fibers: Internal Organs Velocity Depends on: Axon Diameter: - Latger the diameter implies decreased resistance and increased conduction - Speed diiectly relatedto fiber diameter Myelin Sheath: - unmyelinated has slower conduction and is continuous conduction - Myelinated has a faster rate of conduction because: a. Myelin acts as an insulator b. Current propagated at unmyelinated areas only or from Ranvier Nodes to other Ranvier Nodes called Saltatory Conduction Classi{ication of Fibers: Group A: Largest diameter, myelin sheath and high conduction rate Group B: Intermediate diameter, myelinated Group c: Smallest diarneter, unmyelinated with no saltatory conduction: slow conduction Impulse Conduction May Be Impaired: - Alcohol, Sedatives, Anesthetics because they decrease
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Unformatted text preview: in the cell therefore Na channels are closed and there ii no action potential: the nerve is urnesponsive- Action Potential is Na dependent and the AP can't occur if the Na is missing from the ICF- Cold CNumb sensation) and Pressure (Foot-falls asleep) can interrupt the blood supply and impair the nerve impulse Types of Synapses: Neuron - Neuron: a. Based on Processes:- Axodendritic- Axosomatic b. Based on Location:- Presynaptic neurons: impulse to synapse (Information sender)- Postqrnaptic neurons: impulse away from synapse (Information Recipient)- Neurons canact as both prelpost - slmaptic neurons Neuron - Effector Cells:- Muscles: postsynaptic effector (r.reurornuscurar Junction)- Glands: postsynaptic effector (Neuroglandular Junction) 1. 2. III. 1. 2. a rv. v. 1. 2. ).o...
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