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3. INTERTER.ONS: tu lg57 it was demonstrated that oells infected with a virus-produced polypepides calledjnterferons. These interferons prod,rcJ a nonspecific, short acting resistarrce to Yir--al infection. In 1980, human interferon g"o", *"r* introduced ioto bu"t"riu -thro"gt a technique called genetic recombination- enabling the bacteria to act as interferon factories. The three categories of interferons are alpha beta, and gafirma. Almost all cells make alpha and beta interferon. These act as messengers that protect other cells. The viruses are still able to penetrate other cells, but the ability of the virusis to replicate and assemble new virus prticles is inhibited. krticular lymphocytes and natural killer cells produce ganlma interferon' The FDA has approved the use of interferons to treat a number of diseases. Among these arelhe use of alpha interferon to treat crffonic hepatitis A and B, geniul warts, and Kaposi's sarcom4 and the use of gi**a interferon to treat chronic granulomatous disease' B) SPECIFIC
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