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IMG_0005 - B and T lymphoe$es function in specific...

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B and T lymphoe$es function in specific irnrnunity B lymphocytes combat bacterial andviral infections bv seffeting antibodi"*.i"t? the bfood 1,d lymph rurov ri*ii. oi iirrr"*;. For this reason they are said ro provide humoral or antibody-mediatea imrnunlty. T lymphocy"r uftu"r. host cells infected with virus or fungi, transplanted cells, or Qrncerous cells. T rl*err""yi"- Ji "*t **r.t" antibodies; they must be close or have contact with the eell ia order to destroy it. rniy arl therefore sria to proua" cell-rnediated immrurity. M" F'ITNCTIONS OF'B LYMPHOCYTES: B lymphocl'tes secrete antibodies that bond to antigens. This stimulates a cascade of reactions wherebv a system of proteins in the plasma called complement is activated. sorne of these proteins k,l flr*;"ii:"' " containing antigen; other promote phagocy'tosis and other activity, [r"rt*g in more effective defense against pathogens. Exposure of a B lymphoclte
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