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B) TEE COMPLEMENT $YSTEM: The cornbination of antibodies with antigens does not cause destruction of the antigens or the p-td;eri" organisms that contain these atttigens. Antiffiies serve to identi$ the targets-for - i**rriotog*-t attack and to activate ,.orupeiifi" immune processes ttrat destroy the invader. Bacteria buttered with antibodies ,. t tt r turg"ts ior phagocytosis E neutrophils and macrophages. The ability of *t't Oi", to stimulate phagoqtosis ii termed opsonization. Destruction ofbacteria is prornotedby antibody-induced activition of a system of serum proteins knovm as complement' Proteins are nonspecific defense system. There are eleven prot"ior, designated Cl through C9. These proteins are inactive within plasma and body fluids and become activated-by the attachment of anh'body to antigens. In terms of function they can be subdivided into : componentrt ,""ogpltio4 activation, and attack' The attack phase consists of comptement n*atioru in which complement
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