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C} MONOCLONAL ANTIBODIES: Antibodies are also cornmercially prepared for use in tests. W. FUNCTIONS OF T LYMPHOCYTES: The thymus processes T lJmphocytes, which provide immune protection without secreting antibodies. This is accomplishedby 3 subpopulations of T lymphorytes. A} TEYMUS: The thymus exlends from below the thl,roid into the thoracic cavity. It grows during childhood and regresses after puber$. Lymphocltes become andproduce T cells. Small T, bniphocytes that have not yet been stimulated by antigens have very long life spans. New T cells must be continuously produced to provide efEcient cell-mediated immunit-v. Colonies of T cells are able to produce new T cells underthe stimulation of thymus hormones. The hormones thymopoietin I and thJrnopoietin II promote the transformation of lymphocytes into T cells. Andthymosin promotes the maturation of T lymphocltes. The killer, or cltotoxic, T lymphoqtes produce a cell- mediated destruction when they are in actual contact with the c"U. ffo*y secret" certai, molecules including
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