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Unformatted text preview: BI-OOD and IMMUNITY I. Intnoduction: Blood: Blood has the ability to clot ) scab There are many substances and cells contained in it There are clotting mechanisms to repair damaged vessels There are different blood types Imrnune System (System of Defense): There are various types of cells involved with protection There are mechanisms of defense The I{IV virus will be discussed (AIDS) U" BLOOD A. Three Major Functions: 1. Transport pumped to 60 trillion cells delivers oxygen and nutrients, picks up carbon dioxide and wastes chemical messengers 2. Regulation rnaintains body temperature (heat) maintains constant PH maintains water balance of organ systems 3. Protection substances which cause clotting to proteet darnaged vessels cells that affack Pathogens Men have - 5 liters of blood, women - 4 liters B. Components: \ .I Plasrra (55%) RBC, WBC and Platelets {a5%) 1. Plasrna liquid portion, clear 90a/o is water laYa madeup of: salts, giucose, arnino acids, fatty aeids, vitamins, minerals, Proteins, hormones, waste q '/ >- ...
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