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Plasma Proteins: -Albumin: maintains a consentration of dissolved substances in the blood - equal to that of the surrounding tissues -Globulins: make anti-bodies which protect against foreign / substances. They also transport proteins. --*-Fibrino gerus: involved with blood clotting 2" Red Blood Cells Transport oxygen from the lungs to the tissues Biconcave disks: increases the surface area to carry oxygen and carbon dioxide No nuclei (mature RBC) Each RBC is filled with 250 million molecules of hemoglobin Hemoglobin: f,ll'rl$fi:3fr ch ca*ies oxysen contains a heme with iron Produced in bone maffow (erythropoiesis) from stem cells Live - 120 days 2 million RBC are produced every second Rate of RBC production: when the oxygen in the blood decreases, REF (kidney) is released which combines
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Unformatted text preview: with globulins to from erythropoietin (stimulates RBC Production in the marrow) Anemia: insuffreient amounts of hemoglobin ortoo few RBC l 3" White BtoodlCefls Monocytes ) macrophages'l phagocytes .onru-" foreign Neutroph,s J il3ilffi'":L:fff?,1*,lTH:t of injury, then they release enzymes to digest the bacteria and themselves Eosinophils - combat allergy-causing substances, like pollen Basophils - release heparin (anti-coagulant) and histamine (inflammation) B * lyrnphocytes T - lymphocytes - produce anti-bodies (mature in the thymus) A11 protect the body against bacteria and viruses All have nuelei, no color and a large size Produced from the same stem cells in the marrow as RBC ?3...
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