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IMG_0012 - complex It clogs the vessels therefore oxygen is...

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.-r-i l D. Blood Surface Antigens 1. There are 4 major blood types due to the antigens on the surFace of the *-1t,, 2r t {t)/ ,"}'lrrt:'o i' ' J!'ttL"lt JJ Anti-bodi6s: special proteins in the blood plasmE that recognize and attach to foreign invaders A - produces anti-B antibodies ; l;ltixl;:I*,1ltT*T:*,iiJ,$;,' "" . r: A '7r .r . , O - both anti-bodies are present, the Universal bonor f rct{l' u- X f' I tt, ' '-i "c "-' c t Agglutination: a
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Unformatted text preview: complex. It clogs the vessels therefore, oxygen is prevented from reaching the cells 2. Rhesus factor - another antigen of blood cells, called the Rh factor The anti-bodies to Rh factors are not produced until the individual is exposed to the Rh factor. $!t i , :.: i r : , ,1i , Erythoblastosisfetalisi li-l- lr,rr iirt' -'- i't' f( r'.i i;lr, n":.0*, (ir i-.{i r.r;. L.t t '4--t v ar...
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