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A) B) IMMUNITY Pathogens Viruses and bacteria which may cause disease: pathogens They are transmitted via the air, water or food Immunity provides the lines of defense to protect against these foreign invaders Defense against Infection 1. First Line of Defense Physical barriers - skin Chemical protection - mucous and cilia of the trachea HCI (stomach) sweat, tears and saliva 2. Second Line of Defense - the inflammatory response Pimple formation: bacteria infect skin cells ) chemicals released ----------+ 1. vasodilation ) increases the blood supply ) redness. swelling. warmth 2" increased permeabilify of capillaries: phagocytes ( : WBC: neutrophils and macrophages) arrive from the blood due to complement proteins (: plasma proteins activated by the appearance of the bacterial antigens)" These
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Unformatted text preview: phagocytes engulf bacteria and damaged cells and then release enzymes to digest bacteria, cells and itself ) pus (: phagocytes, bacteria, dead cells, tissue fluids) collects in the wound. It will either drain or be reabsorbed 3. Third Line of Defense: the irnmune system The immune response - specificity: ability of antibodies and specialized cells to recognize and destroy viruses, bacteria, parasites and tissues This system is able to distinguish between "self" and "nan*self,, Antigens: substances which cause the immune response. May be proteins or sugars on the surface of microbes, pollen, venofil, and transplanted tissues. a) Components: Lymphocytes, phagocytes, bone marrow (\[tsC production), lymph nodes, tonsils, thymus, and spleen. 7t-...
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