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,,., r'.1]:,,;(\\' ' i' h) LymphocYtes'.' : ,""''- Lymphocytes are produced in the bone marrow. There are B-Lymphocytes p-C.ttr, which mature in the marrow) and T-Lymphoeytes (T-Cells which mature in the thYmus). -7 c) Antibody/Humoral Immunity > J Bacteria invade and are engulfed by macrophages. Their (bacteria) non-self antigens are pressed into the self-antigens on the plasma rnembrane of the maclophages (protrude frorn the surface)" Next Helper T-Cells recognize and bind to these antigens (macrophage). Then Helper T-cells divide and produce clones of T-Celts which also havi the bacterial antigen. These bind to and stimulate B-Cells which divide and produce both Plasma Cells and Memory B-Cells. The plasma cells produce antibodies designed to fit with only one antigen shape ispecificity of antibodies). These antibodies are released and sircilate in thecirculatory and lymphatic systems where they bind to the foreign antigens (bacteria) to form antigen-antibody complexes. These oo*[1****
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