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It is also possible for a Killer T-Cell to directly bind to the antigen-antigen complex on the macrophage surface without first being stimulated by the Helper T-Cell. Then the Killer T-Cell produces more Kiiler T-Cells and Memory Killer T-Cells. Secondary Immune Response: If the same antigen reappears the Memory Kitrler T-CeIIs direct a secondary response and quickly destroy the invader. e) Active fmmunity Both Cell-Mediated and Antibody Immunity are examples of active immunity. Active Immunity is when the boilvproduces its own antibodies and Killer T- Cells (which recognize and destroy foreign antigens). It develops in response to a foreign antigen, which infects the body naturally. A vaccine consists of dead/weakened or parts of pathogens: the virus has been modified so that when it is injected the disease does not result. However, it causes the immune system to develop antibodies, Killer T-Cells, and Memory Cells.
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