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The Stroke Yolurne is regulated by: the amount of stretching that occurs to the ventricular cardiac muscle prior to ventricular contraction. The more the cardiac muscle stretches, the more forcefully it contracts. These stronger contractions increase the stroke volume. Greater stretching is due to an increased venous return and increased contractility. *Cornpensated only if blood volume returns to normal" If not the CO decreases whictrleads to hypovolemic shock (tissues dye from lack of oxygen and nutrients). Physiological I'actors HR SV CO Increased sympathetic
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Unformatted text preview: stimulation Fright anger, exercise, norepinephrine A{fects rfi. T 1 Therefore, f trncreased parasympat. Stimulation After crisis Affects Im. J I J to normal Increased venous return Increases stretch Affects SV 1 Therefore,f Slow hearl beat A1lows more time for ventricular fillins Affects lfi. I t Same Rapid heart beat Venous return decreases Affects lfi. t J Same Drop in BP Decreases venous return t Affects SV J Same Rising BP Affects Im. I J J Sudden drop in blood volume* t I Sa me Excess calcium Affects tm.f t t s+...
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