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367911-wordlistGRE-spanish (1) - WORD abacus abate...

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WORD DEFINITION TOTAL Traducción abacus frame with balls for calculating 1 ábaco abate to lessen to subside 1 abatir abdication giving up control authority abdicar aberration straying away from what is normal 1 aberración abhor to hate to detest 1 aborrecer abide be faithful to endure 1 apegarse a las reglas abjure promise or swear to give up abjurar abstruse difficult to comprehend obscure 1 abstruso abysmal bottomless extreme 1 abismal acclaimed welcomed with shouts and approval 1 aclamar accolade praise approval 1 felicitación, cumplido accretion the growing of separate things into one acreción adamant kind of stone inflexible 1 inflexible, terco admonitory containing warning 1 admonitorio adorn add beauty decorate 1 adorno adulteration making unpure poorer in quality adulteración affable polite and friendly 1 afable affinity close connection relationship 1 afinidad aggravate make worse irritate 1 agravar agile active quick-moving ágil alcove recess/partially enclosed place 1 alcoba / cueva allegiance duty support loyalty 1 lealtad alleviate make (pain) easier to bear 1 aliviar alloy to debase by mixing with something inferior aleación amalgamate mix combine unite societies 1 amalgamar ambidextrous able to use the left hand or the right equally well 1 ambidiestro ambiguous doubtful uncertain 1 ambiguo ambivalent having both of two contrary meanings ambivalente ameliorate improve make better 1 mejorar amortize end (a debt) by setting aside money 1 amortizar anguish severe suffering 1 angustia animosity strong dislike animosidad antidote medicine used against a poison or a disease 1 antídoto antithetical direct opposing 1 antitético apartheid brutal racial discrimination 1 apartheid aplomb self-confidence 1 aplomo apostate one who abandons long-held religious or political convictions apóstata apotheosis deification glorification to godliness 1 apoteosis appease make quiet or calm 1 apaciguar apprehensive grasping understanding fear unhappy feeling about future 1 aprehensivo approbation approval aprobación apt well-suited quick-witted 1 apto arabesque a complex ornate design 1 arabesco arboreal of connected with trees 1 arbóreo ardor enthusiasm ardoroso, entusiasta arduous steep difficult ascent laborious 1 árduo argot jargon slang 1 argot arrogance proud superior manner of behaviour 1 arrogancia articulate speak distinctly connect by joints articular ascend go or come up 1 ascender ascertain get to know 1 asegurar ascetic practicing self-denial austere stark 1 ascético ascribe consider to be the origin of or belonging to abscribir aseptic surgically clean 1 aséptico asperity roughness harshness ill temper irritability 1 áspereza assail with attack violently 1 asalto assiduous asíduo asterisk the mark * (e.g.. omitted letters) 1 asterisco astringent substance that shrinks, harshly biting, caustic 1 astringente astringent criticism / wit astute clever quick at seeing to get an advantage 1 astuto atonement repayment death of Jesus 1 expiación
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