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Unformatted text preview: WORD DEFINITION TOTAL Traduc ión abacus fram e w ith bal s for calculating 1 ábaco abate to les en to subside 1 abatir abdication giving up control authority 1 abdicar aber ation straying aw ay from w hat is norm al 1 aber ación abhor to hate to detest 1 abor ecer abide be faithful to endure 1 apegarse a las reglas abjure prom ise or sw ear to give up 1 abjurar abstruse dif icult to com prehend obscure 1 abstruso abysm al bot om les extrem e 1 abism al ac laim ed w elcom ed w ith shouts and ap roval 1 aclam ar ac olade praise ap roval 1 felicitación, cum plido ac retion the grow ing of separate things into one 1 acreción adam ant kind of stone inflexible 1 inflexible, terco adm onitory containing w arning 1 adm onitorio adorn ad beauty decorate 1 adorno adulteration m aking unpure po rer in quality 1 adulteración af able polite and friendly 1 afable af inity close con ection relationship 1 afinidad ag ravate m ake w orse ir itate 1 agravar agile active quick-m oving 1 ágil alcove reces /partial y enclosed place 1 alcoba / cueva al egiance duty sup ort loyalty 1 lealtad al eviate m ake (pain) easier to bear 1 aliviar al oy to debase by m ixing w ith som ething inferior 1 aleación am algam ate m ix com bine unite societies 1 am algam ar am bidextrous able to use the left hand or the right equal y w el 1 am bidiestro am biguous doubtful uncertain 1 am biguo am bivalent having both of tw o contrary m eanings 1 am bivalente am eliorate im prove m ake bet er 1 m ejorar am ortiz e end (a debt) by set ing aside m oney 1 am ortiz ar anguish severe suf ering 1 angustia anim osity strong dislike 1 anim osidad antidote m edicine used against a poison or a disease 1 antídoto antithetical direct op osing 1 antitético apartheid brutal racial discrim ination 1 apartheid aplom b self-confidence 1 aplom o apostate one w ho abandons long-held religious or political convictions 1 apóstata apotheosis deification glorification to godlines 1 apoteosis ap ease m ake quiet or calm 1 apaciguar ap rehensive grasping understanding fear unhap y fe ling about future 1 aprehensivo ap robation ap roval 1 aprobación apt w el -suited quick-w it ed 1 apto arabesque a com plex ornate design 1 arabesco arboreal of con ected w ith tre s 1 arbóreo ardor enthusiasm 1 ardoroso, entusiasta arduous ste p dif icult ascent laborious 1 árduo argot jargon slang 1 argot ar ogance proud superior m an er of behaviour 1 ar ogancia articulate speak distinctly con ect by joints 1 articular ascend go or com e up 1 ascender ascertain get to know 1 asegurar ascetic practicing self-denial austere stark 1 ascético ascribe consider to be the origin of or belonging to 1 abscribir aseptic surgical y clean 1 aséptico asperity roughnes harshnes il tem per ir itability 1 ásperez a as ail w ith at ack violently 1 asalto as iduous 1 asíduo asterisk the m ark * (e.g. om it ed let ers) 1 asterisco astringent substance that shrinks, harshly biting, caustic 1 astringente astringent criticism / w it...
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367911-wordlistGRE-spanish (1) - WORD DEFINITION TOTAL...

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