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WORD LIST FOR MBA ENTRANCES ___________________________ --> this is not a common vocabulary -- this is the list of the actual words that have appeared frequently on the verbal section of various competitive exams --> the definition is not full, e.g. "caustic" means "able to burn or destroy by chemical action" but on the test this word has another (figurative) meaning - "biting, sarcastic". e.g. - caustic remark --> misprints are possible =================================================================== WORD MEANING =================================================================== abacus frame with balls for calculating abate to lessen, to subside abdication giving up control, authority abdomen stomach and bowels aberration straying away from what is normal abeyance suspended action abhor to hate, to detest abide be faithful to; endure abjure promise or swear to give up abraded rubbed off, worn away by friction abrasion rubbing, scraping, wearing off abrogate repeal or annul by authority abscond to go away suddenly (to avoid arrest) abstruse difficult to comprehend; obscure abundant plentiful abut border on abysmal bottomless, extreme acarpous effete, no longer fertile, worn out accentuate give more force or attention to acclaimed welcomed with shouts and approval accolade praise, approval accretion the growing of separate things into one acquiesce in agree (without protest) acquisition smth acquired, acquiring adamant kind of stone; inflexible adhere remain faithful, stick fast to adhesion adhering, support adjacent lying near, next admonitory containing warning adorn add beauty; decorate adulteration making unpure, poorer in quality affinity close connection, relationship aggravate make worse; irritate agile active, quick-moving ail trouble; be ill alacrity eager and cheerful readiness alienate estrange allegiance duty, support, loyalty alleviate make (pain) easier to bear alloy to debase by mixing with something inferior aloof reserved, indifferent amalgamate mix, combine, unite societies ambidextrous able to use the left hand or the right equally well
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ambiguous doubtful, uncertain ambivalent having both of two contrary meanings ameliorate improve, make better amendment improving amicable friendly amortize end (a debt) by setting aside money amplify make large or fuller, increase the strength animosity strong dislike annul put an end to anticlimax sudden fall antidote medicine used against a poison or a disease antithetical direct opposing apartheid brutal racial discrimination apathetic indifference aplomb self-confidence apostate one who abandons long-held religious or political convictions apotheosis deification, glorification to godliness appease make quiet or calm apprehensive grasping, understanding; fear, unhappy feeling about future apprise give notice to, inform approbation approval appropriate take for one's own use, acquire, set aside apropos appropriate to the situation; apt apt well-suited, quick-witted arabesque a complex, ornate design
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64908864-Word-List - WORD LIST FOR MBA ENTRANCES _ -> this...

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