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Whitney Michelle Clark 6/27/2010 DBriefsU Assignment Effective Writing 1. Idea Generation; Organization; Writing (flow); Review and Edit 2. Keep your reader in mind; Use precise, clear words; Keep sentence and message short and simple; Be professional and courteous with your tone; Write carefully; Proofread 3. In a “power paragraph” each paragraph starts with a topic sentence with related information in the body of the paragraph. Also, the concluding sentence for each paragraph is related to the topic. Power paragraphs have numerous paragraphs that make the writing easy to read. Visual indicators (numbers, headlines, etc) are present where needed. Tax Basics 1. A Keynesian approach to tax policy does not believe that competitive markets could self regulate, so different tax rules can be used to adopt desirable behavior. The U.S. uses taxes to fund government operations, and to achieve economic, social and political goals. For example, we use an accelerated depreciation, this allows a large deduction when making a big purchase.
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Unformatted text preview: Social objectives also depend on tax policies, such as itemized deductions or credits. 2. State: Sales Tax (taxed on purchases); Excise/franchise tax (taxed on “privilege” to operate in that state; often not based on income of company) Local: Real Estate tax (taxed based on value of property) 4. It is important for businesses to understand tax implications of various tax purposes. When making decisions, like buying, selling or expanding a business, the business must consider the tax implications of each deal. 5. Tax Compliance- preparing and filing tax returns; Tax Consulting-assisting taxpayer in properly planning/structuring a transaction; Tax Litigation Support- defending a client in a dispute with the tax authority. I am most intrigued by the tax litigarion support career path. I have always considered going to law school, and this path would bring me close to the law side of taxes....
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