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INTERNATIONALISM - Business Dopo Lavaro Hitler(1919-1923...

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The Big Three (Four) Wilson’s 14 Points War Guilt, Reparations, Disarmament, Polish Corridor, Danzig, Rhineland Kemal Pasha/Straits/Outcome Treaties between 1921-1928 Henry Cabot Lodge/Wilson/Harding What is Fascism/Nazism? Mussolini: D’Annuncio/March on Rome/Stresa Front/Abyssinia/Hoare-Laval Pact Early Period: WWI, Socialim, ‘Avanti!’, Il Popolo D’Italia, Fasci di Combattimento, Big
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Unformatted text preview: Business, Dopo Lavaro Hitler (1919-1923): WWI, Kapp Putsch, Spartacists, Munich ‘23 Hitler (1932-1939): September 1 st S.A. 1932: Rohm (1933), Night of the Long Knives, Re-armament, 1935 Army, Concordat, Protestants, Book Burning (Berlin), Jazz/Jitterbug, Modern Art/Cinema, Enabling Act, Reichstag Fire 1935: Saar/Neuremberg Laws 1936: Rhineland, Axis 1938: Anschluss, Sudetenland, Munchen Conference. Issue? 1939: Czechoslovakia/Danzig/Nazi-Soviet Pact/Poland. Appeasement pro/con? PLUS ALL HANDOUTS PERTAINING TO ABOVE IDs: (10/15) 1.) Who or what? 2.) When? 3.) Where? 4.) Significance?...
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