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Biology 2343, Jill DeVito Study Guide for Exam 2 – Chapters 27-34 Can you apply concepts from the previous unit (e.g., evolution, natural selection, speciation, and phylogeny to the concepts presented in the biodiversity unit)? As before, focus on the notes. Study closely bold words and for that matter lists that appear in outline or bullet form. Do not glaze over when you see a phylogenetic tree; identify at least one significant point that is illustrated by each, and note the important evolutionary adaptations that characterize major branches. Also be familiar with life cycles that are illustrated in your notes. Define alternation of generations. Identify the difference between homospory and heterospory. Explain which groups of organisms have a predominant haploid generation and which are larger & longer lived in the diploid stage (for plants, fungi, and animals). Why is “Protist” not a valid kingdom? Which individual groups of protists are more closely related to 1) Plants, 2) Fungi & 3) Animals than we previously expected? What are the current narrow definitions of “land plant” or “animal” and how do these exclude close cousins from being lumped into these kingdoms? Name four major events in the evolutionary history of plants, in the order in which they occurred. Explain the significance of terrestrial adaptations in this context. Name several traits of bryophytes that limit their distribution to moist habitats. Consider the changes in plant diversity over time:
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Study Guide - Biology 2343 Jill DeVito Study Guide for Exam...

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