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Pattern 1: telling the two kids apart (mamati 2: fantasy, mamati 1: real) Amati 2 LEAVES (leaves food behind for amati 1) Finds village where people can only get water once a year by giving snake a virgin girl- snake says no water for his horse, amati kills the snake and leaves (shoe behind)- now a man, completed his ordeal People don’t know he’s a man now, amati put in a box and sent to virgin (Amati 2 takes on power of the snake for positive reasons) People start the ceremony, snake doesn’t appear, find dead snake False heroes – shoe tells the truth, amati is the hero
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Unformatted text preview: NOW Amati 1 goes on this journey – leaves home Same experiences as Amati 2, who finds people out on a hunt Baobob tree – told not to go, or he will be swallowed by tree Breaks interdiction , swallowed by the tree Amati 1 is mistaken by Amati 2s wife, Amati 2’s struggle is a mirror of amati 1’s struggle Human vulnerability – celebration of life, inevitability of death Fox & Yoruba (Good boy, bad boy)-Least likely hero, puberty rite of passage: impossible tasks 3 kingdoms all w/ impossible tasks 1. bird, 2. Woman, 3. horse...
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