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12/14/11 CH17-HW03-FALL2010 1/5 Current Score : 12 / 14 Due : Sunday, October 9 2011 11:59 PM EDT 1. 1/1 points | Previous Answers MI3 17.5.X.056 Location C is 0.04 m from a small sphere which has a charge of 2 nanocoulombs uniformly distributed on its surface. Location D is 0.12 m from the sphere. What is the change in potential along a path from C to D ? V = -3e2 -300 V Read the eBook Section 17.5 2. 4/4 points | Previous Answers MI3 17.5.X.059 Consider the following. Locations A and B are on the +x-axis. A is at location < a, 0, 0>, and B is at location < b, 0, 0>. The table below contains possible equations for the potential difference V A - V B . For each equation for electric field along the x axis, choose the correct equation for the potential difference V A - V B . (Enter the number from the left column that corresponds to the potential difference.) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 5 5 6 6 CH17-HW03-FALL2010 (Homework) Rachel Pereira
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CH17-HW03-FALL2010 - CH17-HW03-FALL2010 WebAssign...

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