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12/14/11 CH18-HW04-FALL2010 1/5 Current Score : 23 / 26 Due : Sunday, October 23 2011 11:59 PM EDT 1. 6/6 points | Previous Answers MI3 18.8.X.052 Conventional current flows in a ring in the direction indicated in the diagram (if you stand at location A , on the +x axis, and look toward the ring, current flows clockwise). At each of the locations labeled by a letter, use the right hand rule to find the direction of the magnetic field at that location, due to the current in the ring. Location A -x -x Location B +x +x Location C -x -x Location D +x +x Location E +x +x Location F +x +x Read the eBook Section 18.8 2. 3/3 points | Previous Answers MI3 18.8.X.053 (a) A loop of wire carries a conventional current of 0.7 amperes. The radius of the loop is 0.08 m. Calculate the magnitude of the magnetic field at a distance of 0.35 m along the axis of the loop, from the center of the loop. B = 6.08e-8 6.08e-08 T (b) What would the magnitude of the magnetic field be at the same location if there were 100 loops of wire in a coil, instead of one loop? CH18-HW04-FALL2010 (Homework) Rachel Pereira PHYS 272-Fall 2011, Fall 2011 Instructor: Virendra Saxena Web Assign The due date for this assignment is past. Your work can be viewed below, but no changes can be made.
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12/14/11 CH18-HW04-FALL2010 2/5 B = 6.08e-6 6.08e-06 T Read the eBook Section 18.8 3. 1/4 points | Previous Answers MI3 18.8.P.059 Wire with a loop in it
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CH18-HW04-FALL2010 - 12/14/11 CH18-HW04-FALL2010 WebAssign...

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