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12/14/11 CH21-HW05-FALL2010 1/4 Current Score : 19 / 19 Due : Sunday, November 13 2011 11:59 PM EST 1. 1/1 points | Previous Answers MI3 21.5.X.076 A neutral copper bar oriented horizontally moves upward through a region where there is a magnetic field into the page. Which diagram correctly shows the distribution of charge on the bar? 3 3 Read the eBook Section 21.5 2. 10/10 points | Previous Answers MI3 21.9.X.091 A neutral metal rod of length 0.45 m slides horizontally at a constant speed of 6 m/s on frictionless insulating rails through a region of uniform magnetic field of magnitude 0.6 tesla, directed into the page as shown in the diagram. Before answering the following questions, draw a diagram showing the polarization of the rod, and the direction of the Coulomb electric field inside the rod. Which of the following statements is true? CH21-HW05-FALL2010 (Homework)
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CH21-HW05-FALL2010 - 12/14/11 CH21-HW05-FALL2010 WebAssign...

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