CH23-HW02-FALL2010 - 1 2/14/11 CH23-HW02-FALL2010 WebAssign

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12/14/11 CH23-HW02-FALL2010 1/5 Current Score : 23 / 23 Due : Sunday, December 4 2011 11:59 PM EST 1. 2/2 points | Previous Answers MI3 23.2.X.005 A uniform magnetic field of 1.6 tesla points 30 ° away from the perpendicular to the plane of a rectangular loop of wire 0.1 m by 0.2 m (see the figure). What is the magnetic flux on this loop? .0277 0.0277 T · m 2 Read the eBook Section 23.2 2. 1/1 points | Previous Answers MI3 23.1.X.004.alt01 On a circular path of radius 9 cm in air around a solenoid with increasing magnetic field, the emf is 35 volts. A wire with resistance 3 ohms is placed along the path. What is the current in the wire? 11.67 11.7 A Read the eBook Section 23.1 3. 8/8 points | Previous Answers MI3 23.2.P.027 CH23-HW02-FALL2010 (Homework) Rachel Pereira PHYS 272-Fall 2011, Fall 2011 Instructor: Virendra Saxena Web Assign The due date for this assignment is past. Your work can be viewed below, but no changes can be made.
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12/14/11 CH23-HW02-FALL2010 2/5 A conventional current I runs through a coil in the direction shown in the diagram. Initially the current in the coil is constant. A single loop of copper wire is near the coil. Both loop and coil are stationary. In this initial state (constant current in coil), what is the direction of the magnetic field
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CH23-HW02-FALL2010 - 1 2/14/11 CH23-HW02-FALL2010 WebAssign

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