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Unformatted text preview: Vanguard Winter Percussion 2012 Audition Packet Overview Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the 2012 Vanguard Winter Percussion (VWP) Battery Ensemble! We are looking forward to a very exciting season. This year, the group will be performing competitively at WGI finals. The battery section will also be preparing to perform at various non-competitive functions across the Bay Area. This audition packet will serve as the guidelines to the technical and musical foundation of the VWP battery program for snare, tenor, and bass drums. Keep in mind that these are guidelines to what the staff finds to be the most effective approach both technically and musically. We encourage members to come from different backgrounds, and to bring with you your own personality and style of performance. What to expect There will be three stages to the audition weekend. First, you will be placed with your desired section working closely with your staff. Here you will be reviewing the material you have downloaded. We may also be passing out new material on the day of auditions, so be ready to learn fast! The second portion of the audition will be your individual audition. In order to evaluate everyone attending auditions, this will be kept to a maximum of 10 minutes. You will have to answer a few simple questions about your background, what school you attend, and what your plans are as a performer. You will also be asked to play a few exercises, sight read, and perform a 15 - 20 second solo. After the individual audition, you will report back with your staff and continue with your section. The third stage is marching. Please bring sweats or gym shorts (no blue jeans or baggy pants), tennis shoes, and a water bottle. Keep in mind that even though we will be teaching you the VWP technique as we go along, foot timing is heavily evaluated through the entire audition. You will be asked to bring your own sticks and have this audition packet in a three-ring binder with the pages held securely in plastic sheet protectors. Also, bring a pencil, ear plugs, and common sense. If you have any questions, feel free to email Casey Brohard at cbrohard@mac.com Thank you, The 2012 Vanguard Winter Percussion Staff Vanguard Winter Percussion - 2012 Battery Audition Packet Page 1 Technique As we introduce you to the VWP technique, please keep in mind that everyones hands vary in size and shape. The next few pages regarding grip should be treated as guidelines and considerations more than concrete facts. Just remember the main objective is to create a unified look, and most importantly, the best quality of sound. Bass Drums The bass drum voice serves the ensemble in many different capacities. Typically, when you hear bass, you instantly think of the lower register in the ensemble. Impacts and precise rhythmic understanding is a must for the members in this section. However, through the years, the bass line has been utilized to create more melodic lines in the battery section. In order to create these melodic lines between five (5) different sized drums, the lines in the battery section....
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VWP2012_Battery_AuditionPacket - Vanguard Winter Percussion...

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