Final for Ethics - When looking at my community as a whole...

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When looking at my community as a whole I like to think that my home town of Torrington Connecticut is that of city of cultural diversity. There are many kinds of people that live within this small community such as white, black, Hispanic, Indian, Portuguese, French, and many other cultures as well. I know that we are small but we are very proud of what we accomplish and how we handle rough times as well as good times. We have many minority groups in our community such as senior citizens, low income families, homeless, people in recovery, and mentally challenged residents. We stand for our rights and the lives that we believe in. I have learned many new things about my community that I would not like to know about and ones that give me great respect for the people that care about why and how we are here. The community stands by each other and actually takes care of the people who want to be a part of and even those who do not. While there are many types of people in my town there are a lot that look like me due to the fact that I am a single white woman and a single mother which is another minority in my town and that is being a single parent. There are many that look like me but that does not define who I am. Being white in this town is also a minority. I have seen some racial events and have also herd racial comments, but this is not what stands out in this community. I see that we work together no matter who we are in order to keep the town alive and well for all that live here. With this happening there is no time for standing against each other! The examples that I have seen have been few and by far and one racial remark was made toward my son in front of my daughter and myself. We were walking down the street and I actually ran into a friend from my high school years stopped me to say hello. So I thought that I would introduce my family seeing as they had never meet my children as I introduced my son they turned around and said that is your son he’s black and turned and walked away. Then there was also a threat that was made against white people in our community from an outside community due to the fact that one teenager made a raciest comment toward an Hispanic student at a basketball game at their school. They said that they were going to go around picking off whites in our town that were wearing certain colors due to the comment made, nothing happened but we were all standing our guard for a week. On the other hand there is a lot of stereotyping in our town, when someone new comes or there is a boom in the rooms of recovery there is a lot of talk on how the fact that we get everyone else’s problems in our small town. The fact that this community thrives on people just like me, really makes me feel wanted and not rejected which as a person in recovery makes you feel really good. While there is a lot of problems the good outweighs the bad we do get a lot of media coverage in town most of it is that it helps with the issues of what we go through every day with homelessness raising the awareness of it, the
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Final for Ethics - When looking at my community as a whole...

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