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SELECT movie_id, title, release_year FROM movies; SELECT description FROM genres; SELECT first_name, last_name FROM people; SELECT * FROM people WHERE height = 71; SELECT * FROM people WHERE (first_name = "Gwyneth") SELECT * FROM movies WHERE release_year >= 2001; SELECT * FROM people WHERE (last_name = "Jones") AND (height <66); SELECT * FROM people WHERE (last_name = "Kwan") OR (first_name = "Kwan");
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Unformatted text preview: SELECT description FROM genres WHERE description <> "drama"; SELECT * FROM people WHERE last_name LIKE "Wil%"; SELECT * FROM births WHERE country IS NULL; SELECT * FROM people WHERE height IS NOT NULL ORDER BY height; SELECT first_name, last_name, height FROM people WHERE height BETWEEN 84 and 96 ORDER BY height DESC;...
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