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Limit the results to only those genres in which there are three or more albums ---- SELECT Count(tbl_Albums.AlbumID) AS NumberAlbums, tbl_Albums.GenreName FROM tbl_Albums GROUP BY tbl_Albums.GenreName HAVING (((Count(tbl_Albums.AlbumID))>=3)) ORDER BY Count(tbl_Albums.AlbumID) DESC , tbl_Albums.GenreName; Now modify the query to limit it to only counting the albums in each genre with more than 12 tracks ---- SELECT Count(tbl_Albums.AlbumID) AS CountOfAlbumID, tbl_Albums.GenreName, tbl_Tracks.TrackID FROM tbl_Albums INNER JOIN tbl_Tracks ON tbl_Albums.AlbumID = tbl_Tracks.AlbumID GROUP BY tbl_Albums.GenreName, tbl_Tracks.TrackID HAVING (((tbl_Tracks.TrackID)>=12)) ORDER BY Count(tbl_Albums.AlbumID) DESC , tbl_Albums.GenreName, tbl_Tracks.TrackID; Start a NEW query in Design View, adding tbl_Albums, tbl_Tracks, and the previous query Select AlbumTitle, TrackTitle and TrackDuration fields Add criteria under TrackDuration using Shortest ---- SELECT tbl_Albums.AlbumTitle, tbl_Tracks.TrackTitle, tbl_Tracks.TrackDuration
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Unformatted text preview: FROM (tbl_Albums INNER JOIN tbl_Tracks ON tbl_Albums.AlbumID = tbl_Tracks.AlbumID) INNER JOIN qry_day23_ShortestTracks_1 ON tbl_Albums.AlbumID = qry_day23_ShortestTracks_1.AlbumID WHERE (((tbl_Tracks.TrackDuration)=[qry_day23_ShortestTracks_1].[Shortest])); List the digital tracks (names) that have filesizes larger than the average filesize in your music database Query 1. Find average filesize of all digital tracks----SELECT Avg(tbl_DigitalTracks.DigitalFilesize) AS AvgOfDigitalFilesize FROM tbl_DigitalTracks; Query 2. Find which digital tracks have filesizes larger than that average (sort largest down)----SELECT tbl_DigitalTracks.DigitalFilename, tbl_DigitalTracks.DigitalFilesize FROM tbl_DigitalTracks, qry_day23_AboveAvFilesize_1 WHERE (((tbl_DigitalTracks.DigitalFilesize)>[qry_day23_AboveAvFilesize_1].[AvgOfDigitalFilesize])) ORDER BY tbl_DigitalTracks.DigitalFilesize DESC;...
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