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MORE NOTES day 23 on show table, there is a queries button that you use when using a previous query create first query then create another one and just make it equal that other one under a category you can do in in design view [other query] or category = query in SQL also make sure [other query].[what you renamed it] (will be in show table box) (what you put before asdfklj: name) EX For each album, which tracks have durations less than the average for that
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Unformatted text preview: album? List title of the album, plus title and duration of the track, sorted by album title and then duration.---double click tbl_tracks pick albumId and then trackduration (can make it AvgDuration: Trackduration) make it avg on track duration importing/exporting data in access and excel you can import and export external data tab click excel click the export button and open in that in excel...
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