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MORE DATABASE: SQL-stands for: Structured Query Language does: The term keyword: examples: select (what field we want) and from The term syntax: how we have to write it examples: SELECT movie_id, title, release_year FROM movies Day 17-mySQL query interface-->query parser 1)in empty box type 2)ex: SELECT title FROM movies 3)uncheck box if you want more results or you'll get 22 4)Run query 5)drop down boxes enable different results 6)Copy SQL into notepad * 7)end with ; in case 8)coma alows more than one 9)has to be in certain order like i want first_last name field from people table 10)filters are abled (WHERE restricts) ex)SELECT * FROM movies WHERE release_year = 2003; 11)if = word put in " " and sometimes ( ) . ex) WHERE (first_name = "Gwyneth") 12)anything you can do in acccess you can do in SQL 13)Boolean Operators ex)SELECT * FROM people WHERE (last_name = "Jones") AND (height <66); 14)OR also works 15)NOT also works ex)SELECT description
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more notes for database - MORE DATABASE...

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