Learning Objectives School Age Children

Learning Objectives School Age Children - School Age...

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School Age Children 5. List different influences on eating behaviors in this age group. Suggest external factors that can override internal hunger and satiety cues. Parents and older siblings have the greatest influence on attitudes toward food and food choices Peer influence is greater because kids are spending more time away from home with friends Teachers and coaches Vending machines at school Media o Fast-food establishments with playgrounds and toys that come with food o Internet c Advergames c Viral marketing c Advercation – combination of advertising and education by food companies School-age children are not as responsive to energy-density as younger pre-school children External factors that override hunger and satiety cues Time of day Presence of other people Availability of good food 6.Predict child responses to authoritarian control and restrictive feeding. Children with parents who use authoritarian control are less likely to respond to energy density In girls, regulation of energy intake is inversely related to their adiposity Heavier girls less likely to be able to regulate their intake based on internal cues Restriction by parents of certain foods may actually promote the consumption of these foods by their young children; but after consuming these “restricted” food the children feel badly Restrictions could lead to obesity and nutritionally inferior diet
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Learning Objectives School Age Children - School Age...

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