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notes for 3rd BT - 1 out of a percent(pie chart 2 if values...

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EXCEL: to make B1 absolute reference, $ before B and before 1 --> $b$1 records=rows fields= columns always move graphs to new page -->design...move chart location...new page Graphs/Charts: 1) select data 2) Add 3) Series Name (select) 4) Series Values (select) 5) sometimes edit Category 6) layout tab for labels 7) Design tab for move chart to new page 8) if diff values diff graph and axis (make one secondary axis) Secondary axis--> right click on the data (graph) then format data series change the type of graph--> click on the graph then change chart type. (now have 2 types of charts in one) Will have to know what graph to use
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Unformatted text preview: 1) out of a percent (pie chart) 2) if values are differnent have to have different axis insert table from online: 1) data tab 2) start a2 3) get external data 4) from web 5) replace URL address with copied one 6) go 7) options 8) formatting--full HTML formating 9) check what you want to import (make sure you only use certain stuff) 10) import 11) paste url in A1 12) delete unnessary info IF function: 1) words must be in quotes!!! ex) =IF(K4>=25,10,0) 10=if true 0=if false Files to hand in: payrollbt_0224 hard_drive_specs Roofing.xlsx northcentraldata.xlsx...
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