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notes for database - Create relationships 1)click and drag...

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NOTES for DATABASE: Records are sets of data about things ex: people, books, websites, etc. Fields are the separate pieces of data that CSE 101 - Common Material - Day 13 - NEW 7 make up each record ex: names, titles, dates, URLs, etc. once both files in CSE 101 ACCESS ONE copy my computer desktop open from desktop then edit *COPY and put back into CSE 101 after!! overwrite in access go to very bottom to insert new track or w.e sometimes have to look up info there is a search button at bottom of pane!! paste on desktop saves automatically once you hit enter if you change track names you have to save design view and datasheet view primary key feilds are unique (autonumber) REMEMBER tbl_PerfomsIn to show up on qry_Tracks!! Create a Query: 1)create tab 2)other--query design 3)show table select 4)close 5)double click what you want in the lil box 6)can write in criteria line 7)can uncheck box if needed 8)save query 9)Run 10)unclick box if not told that it should be checked SOMETIMES
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Unformatted text preview: Create relationships: 1)click and drag corrosponding things Database datatypes= associate feilds ex) groups; yes no filtering= just liek a query but dont restrict on fields; restrict on rows boolean operators= and, or, or not function of wildcards in queries=* pretty much type in a word and it uses all uses of word Change a datatype: 1)right click 2)design view 3)change datatype to corrospond to w.e category 4)text if description really long change to memo Filters: 1)double click * 2)if wanna restrict- double click one in box and uncheck Boolean Op: 1)click two things 2)"or" increases results ex) <1990 Or >1999 3)write in criteria section 4)"Not" exludes things. <> "words" 5)LIKE= uses wildcard and * ex)"old*" - old and then anything after ex)"*Old" - cold and mold ex)"*old*" > greater than...
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