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simple_payroll - Rate(in percentages Base Rate(Num of...

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Read the directions in the textbook or linked to the Classwork page, then discuss it with your partner(s). Together, fill out a copy of this table (after first copying this file to your personal AFS space). Underlined values are inputs Italicized values refer to the results of previous calculations Ordinary numbers are constants (the same for everyone) Adjusted Federal Tax Rate (in percentages) Base Federal Rate ( NumDependants * 1.5%) Adjusted State Tax
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Unformatted text preview: Rate (in percentages) Base Rate - (Num of Dependents * 0.5%) Gross Pay (in dollars) Hours Worked * Hourly Pay Rate Federal Tax Withheld (in dollars) Gross Pay * Adjusted Fed Tax Rate Social Security Tax Withheld (in dollars) Gross Pay * SS Rate Medicare Tax Withheld (in dollars) Gross Pay*MedRate State Income Tax Withheld (in dollars) Gross Pay* AdjustedStateTaxRate Net Pay (in dollars) Gross Pay – (SUMofWithheld)...
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