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II. Plutonium 600 The Plutonium 600 is a desktop personal computer that was developed at Geniuses-R-Us labs. It is currently at the top of the market and is in high demand. The Plutonium 600 can be purchased at your local computer store, or you can custom-order a machine through the company by calling 1-800-be-a-genius. A. CPU and Primary Storage The Plutonium 600 uses a custom-built chip called the Zippy 600. The Zippy 600 is currently not compatible with any other type of chip on the market. Zeke Smith, president of Geniuses-R-Us, states that, “We intend to upgrade Zippy 600 soon, and the two chips will be compatible with each other. However, we hope that the superior performance of the Zippy will draw people to it.” 1. ROM The ROM of the Plutonium 600 is very small and contains just enough data to get the computer rolling. 2. RAM The RAM offered here is very large. Geniuses-R-Us sees the need to have a very large amount of RAM in order to facilitate fast multi-tasking. The Plutonium 600 comes outfitted with 100 Megabytes of RAM. B. Secondary Storage The Plutonium normally comes with two internal hard drives of 1 Gigabyte each. C.  Other devices and Options The machine comes with a CD-ROM drive, but it has had problems. Apparently, the practice of placing text on the back of a CD has caused miniature balance differences in the weight of the disk and the drive is unable to spin. Mr. Smith says that the company is hard at
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work to fix this problem and will be happy to replace the drives of all of the customers who have had this problem once the solution is found. The Plutonium comes with a fax/data modem. The customer has the option of choosing the speed of the modem. There is also plenty of room to expand the RAM and the secondary storage of the machine. For a small installation fee, a Genius will make a house call to install extra recollection.
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UnformattedReport - II. Plutonium 600 The Plutonium 600 is...

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