Earth Systems Chapter 1

Earth Systems Chapter 1 - Chapter 1: Essentials of...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 1: Essentials of Geography I. The Science of Geography Geography : the science that studies the relationships among -natural systems -geography -society -cultural activities -& the interdependence of all of these over space Spatial : the nature and character of physical space, its measurement, & the distribution of things within it. There are five spatial themes: 1. Location: identifies a specific address or absolute & relative position on Earth. 2. Region: an area defined by uniform characteristics. 3. HumanEarth relationships: -resource exploitation -hazard perception -environmental pollution and modification 4. Movement:-communication -circulation -migration -diffusion 5. Place: No two places on Earth are exactly alike. A. Geographic Analysis: Spatial analysis : examination of spatial interactions, patterns, and variations over area and/or space. Process : set of actions or mechanisms that operate in some special order. Physical geography : the spatial analysis of all the physical elements and process systems that make up the environment. 1. Energy 7. Soils 2. Air 8. Animals 3. Water 9. Plants 4. Weather 10. Microorganisms 5. Climate 11. Earth 6. Landforms Scientific Method : an approach that uses applied common sense in an organized and objective manner. Based on : 1. Observation 2. Generalization 3. Formulation 4. Testing a hypothesis-ultimately leading to the development of a theory . B . The Geographic Continuum: Geography is diverse Any subject can be examined geographically Physical geography vs. Human/cultural geography II. Earth Systems Concepts A. Systems Theory :-An ordered, interrelated set of things and their attributes -linked by flows of energy and matter...
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Earth Systems Chapter 1 - Chapter 1: Essentials of...

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